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Jive FAQ - Call Features
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Below are features common to business phone systems and instructions on how to access them. Use of these features is

dependent on your phone and account settings, and some features may not apply to all accounts.


Voicemail Access

There are three ways that you can access voicemail messages.

Directly from your phone:

1. Press the Messages button or dial *99

2. Enter your mailbox password (default is 0000).


Indirectly from another phone:

1. Dial *98

2. Enter the mailbox number.

3. Enter your mailbox password (default is 0000).


Remotely from an outside phone:

1. Call your extension from any outside phone.

2. Dial *when you hear your voicemail greeting.

3. Enter your mailbox password (default is 0000).


Voicemail Greeting

Record your unavailable message on your phone or on the

1. Access your voicemail as described above.

2. Dial 0 for mailbox options.

3. Dial 1 to record your unavailable greeting.


Transfer to Voicemail

Transfer a call directly to your co-worker’s voicemail.

1. Press the blind transfer button on your phone.

2. Dial your coworker’s extension (i.e. 01001).

3. Press Dial or OK


Queue Access

Log in and out of multiple call queues.

To log into a call queue:

1. Dial *13

2. Follow the voice prompts and dial the + [Queue Number]

when prompted.

To log back out of a queue, the procedure is the same



Immediately begin a conversation with coworkers.

1. Dial *

2. Dial an extension.

3. Wait for connection or press Dial


Conference Bridge

Call into a conference bridge with your coworkers and clients.

Conference with up to 10 concurrent people. Consult your Office

Administrator on how to access your conference bridge; it will

require a password.



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