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How to Set Handsets to Forward Calls
Posted by Ryan Music on 29 December 2014 06:09 PM

Below are the three easiest options for setting your Handset to forward to an external number such as your Cell Phone:

Option 1: From the handset
To enable call forwarding: Menu>Features>Forward>Contact:"Dial Number">Enable
To disable call forwarding: Menu>Features>Forward>Disable

Option 2: From the Handset
*72"Dial Forward Number">Dial *it will state it is forwarding
*73 to turn off the Forwarding.
The problem with this is it does not display it is forwarding so the user has to remember to change it back

Option 3: From the Website
PBX>Ext>"Go into your Ext">Dial Plan>Add another Ring step with your external number>Place yourself in Do Not Disturb (DnD) when they want it to forward to the external number.


If there are any questions for setting this up the iPremise Help Desk is always available for assistance.

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