Problems opening Outlook
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Problems opening Outlook


 Various issues can cause Outlook to fail to open or cause it to lock up. For instance, if when opening outlook it seems sluggish or you get a screen where it is trying to scan your file, indicates that the ost file may be corrupted.

1.       Close Outlook.

2.       Right-click on the task bar to open the Task Manager and select the Processes tab.

3.       Click the Image Name column to sort and look to see if the Outlook.exe process is listed. If it remains after closing Outlook, select the process and end the task.

4.       Open Windows Explorer by right-clicking on the Start icon (or round orb) and selecting Windows Explorer (or Open Windows Explorer).

5.       Select View – Folder Options and select to show hidden folders.

6.       Open a search window and type Outlook.ost. This will return the locations for the .ost file. Find the specific .ost file located in the Application Data folder for the affected user. (Several may be listed if multiple users share machines.)

7.       Re-launch Outlook which will rebuild the ost file. All emails, tasks, contacts will be re-downloaded from the server.



If the issue is with contacts or calendar items, verify that these item can be viewed by logging into OWA. For users with own mail server, they will type http://mail.domain and to login ipremise/username and password are required. For hosted exchange users they type and to login customernumber/username and password.




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