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The iPremise Team Client is used to provide native access to the iPremise Cloud Drive on Windows and Mac machines.  You may periodically be prompted for credentials or need to set up the auto-login process in the Team Client.  You will be presented with the following screen.

User Name: Your DEFAULT email address.  This is normally your first initial, last name at your domain (e.g.

Password:  This is your iPremise domain password which is the same one you use to log onto your PC.  The password will keep in sync with your domain password.

Access Point: The URL used to access the iPremise Cloud Drive.  For small business customers this is always  Enterprise customers will have a custom access point that is normally where is your company's domain.

Auto-login next time: We recommend checking this box so your cloud drive will automatically connect every time you log into your machine.


Cloud Drive login

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