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Offline files using the iPremise Team Client
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The iPremise Team Client is an application that runs on Windows and Mac machines.  The application links your iPremise Cloud to an M: drive.  All your cloud files are accessible through this M: drive.  The Team Client typically requires an internet connection to access the cloud.  You can, however, take files offline to edit when you are not connected to the internet. 

TIP: Offline files in the team client can also improve performance in accessing the files since a local copy is available.  So browsing pictures or music can be easier and faster.

Warning: Offline files require space available on your PC to house the files.  So if you choose to take 200GB of files offline, you must have 200GB of space on your hard drive!

One of the great features of the cloud drive is that you can share files by sending hyperlinks to people inside or outside your organization.  Files can be shared using the native client (on Windows or Mac) or through the web interface.

Taking file offline using Native Client:

  1. Browse to the file or folder on your M: drive
  2. Right-click and choose Enable Offline Access
The team client will then sync the files to your machine in the background.  You can check the status of any sync task or the files by using the Management Console.  The console can be started by typing Management Console in the search box of the Start menu in Windows 7.  More information on the management console is available in other KB articles.
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