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Make local files available in your cloud and/or back up local files
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One very useful feature of the iPremise Cloud is the ability to link local folders to your personal cloud.  When folders are linked to the cloud, they available whether your machine is on or not and the files are backed up to the cloud.

It is easy to make local folder available in your cloud by using the Management Console.  You launch the console by right-clicking on the iPremise Cloud Drive icon in the task tray, and then click on Management Console.

The management console will then be up and running as shown in the image below.

Cloud Management console


Click on "Backup a Folder" link in the main window.  You will get the following pop-up.

Cloud Browse to local folder

Browse to the folder location and give it a name.  The name is what will show up in your cloud.  Click Finish and everything else will happen behind the scenes!  Please allow time for the folder to sync if it is large.  Your iPremise Team Client icon in the task tray will tell you status of all sync tasks.

You can now share the files or keep them private just as you would any other file in the iPremise Cloud.

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