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Manage your Cloud Team Client advanced settings
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Your Cloud client software (Windows and Mac) has advanced settings you can manage.  These settings include bandwidth control, cache file location, and tracing features for troubleshooting.  The settings are managed through the Management Console.  You can get to the management console by searching for "management console" in your start menu.  You should see "Cloud Management Console".  Launch this application.

The management console will then be up and running as shown in the image below.

Cloud Management console


Click on "Settings Manager" button.  You will now have several options available under the Settings tab.

Cloud Drive Mgt Console Settings

Cloud Drive Mgt Console Settings

The Cloud Drive section allows you to change the drive letter and label of the drive mapping.  We do not recommend changing these values.

Sync Control allows you to throttle sync speeds down below the maximum speed possible.  Sync Control sets the hours to apply the reduced speed.  The actual throttled speeds are set in the "Bandwidth Control" section. 

Bandwidth Control allows you to limit the amount of bandwidth used to upload/download to/from the cloud.  This can be useful if you have a limited bandwidth speed and notice slower internet access or voice over IP call quality problems when using the client.  You can also reduce or expand the number of concurrent uploads and downloads used by the client. 

The Advanced section allows you to move the cache directory.  The cache directory is where offline and local copies of cloud files are kept for access.  This is also where files are kept prior to and during upload to the cloud.  You can limit the size of the cache too.  We typically do not recommend changing these values unless disk space is an issue.

The Trace option should only be modified if instructed by technical support.

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