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Cloud Team Client Explorer integration - meaning behind the icons
Posted by , Last modified by Jennifer Millan on 16 June 2014 03:06 PM

The Windows and Mac programs for the iPremise Cloud drive map drive M: to your cloud storage.  With Windows, there is also integration with Windows Explorer allowing you to see the state of various files in the cloud.  These changes are easy to see by launching Explorer and going to M: drive.  You will see icons similar to those in the following screenshot.

view of the mapped drive

You can see how the files have a green overlay with white arrow on the application icon.  This is one of several overlays you may see.  These overlays have special meanings as follows:

Green Circle Overlay green circle icon: This means that there is a local copy of the file or a cached version as well as on the cloud.

Green Arrow Overlay green checkmarkThis means that the file is only located on cloud and is not cached locally. When you lose internet connectivity the file will no longer be available. 

Upload Overlay uploading icon: The upload arrow means the file is scheduled for upload to the cloud but the upload is not complete.

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