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Files and applications not suited for the cloud
Posted by on 26 April 2013 10:37 AM

There are some types of files and applications that are not appropriate to use in the iPremise cloud.  These are typically applications that continuously save data or use a database.  A few examples include:

  • Microsoft One Note workbooks
  • QuickBooks (single user and multiple users)
  • SQL Server databases
  • Sage
  • Microsoft Dynamics

In some cases we can work around the limitations.  For example, if you use One Note, simply keep your workbooks in a local folder on your desktop.  Then attach that local folder to your cloud and the files will be backed up and protected while One Note works without issue.  This approach also works well for single users of QuickBooks.

Other times, there are no workarounds for the application.  Many of our customers still have a need for an onsite server to support applications that are database driven or leverage multiple users at once (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics).  iPremise supports hybrid solutions that incorporate the cloud and onsite assets to accommodate these applications until they are "cloud ready".

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