iPremise Security Services
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Access Controls and Firewalls

Access to all iPremise servers is locked down by IP address: only our corporate external IP range and internal IP ranges of the servers LAN network can make connections. Two-way authentication is used to ensure these connections are secure. Only the iPremise support team has accounts that can access the servers, and the passwords for those accounts are changed regularly. If a vendor needs access to a server for application work, they must conform to a standard access procedure which ensures accountability and is approved by both the customer and iPremise technicians. Vendor access is restricted to short durations. iPremise protects the customer with industry-standard firewalls that perform stateful packet inspection and use robust access control rules to prevent any unauthorized access to the servers and internal network.

Testing Process

We test all hardware and server configurations and updates in our lab first, and then roll-out the setups to our corporate environment for real-world testing before finally implementing the configurations and updates in customer environments.

Monitoring, Support and Escalation Procedures

All iPremise equipment (servers, switches, routers, etc.) is monitored 24x7 to ensure up-time, correct system resource issues and rapidly respond to outages. The monitoring is performed by our 24x7 support team which also handles all customer issues related to iPremise services, whether it be server, PC, peripheral or software problems. The support desk consists of tiered support levels with standardized procedures for escalation to issue resolution.

System Documentation and Training

All systems builds are documented in a standard format and maintained with change logs. iPremise has a large knowledgebase system that contains information on hardware, software and procedures. It too is well maintained by processes for submitting new articles and reviewing existing articles. Our ticketing system is robust with category- and severity-driven SLAs, automated responses, and ticket tracking. We have weekly training sessions to review existing and explore new technologies, products and procedures. Formal training is provided to new technicians via classroom sessions, one-on-one coaching and a well-maintained training manual.

Backup and Recovery Procedures and Documentation

iPremise performs regular, complete backups of our servers. The backups provide file restore, disaster recovery and Bare Metal Restore protection. The processes for performing all levels of restores and recoveries have been standardized, tested and documented. iPremise also maintains hot spare hardware for emergency replacement of failed equipment. Our firewall configurations are also backed-up and any changes are tracked in change logs.

Facility Security

iPremise facilities are monitored 24x7 by video surveillance and protected by badge access. The facilities are also monitored for intrusion, temperature and moisture. We have high availability via a backup generator, dedicated Uninterruptable Power Supply and three ISP fiber connections from two points of entry into the facility. 

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