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Does Gladinet Cloud tell you that Office files are locked by other users who haven’t accessed the file or had it open in hours or even days?

There is a known issue in the 4.11 version of the client that keeps files locked when they are not really locked.  This happens with Office applications, the issue occurs when an application like Excel is used to open multiple files.  The files remain locked until Excel is closed even if the specific file was closed within Excel.  This is fixed in the most recent version of the client.  Please contact your iPremise Support team for assistance in downloading the latest version.

Are you noticing a lag in new files showing on the cloud for other people?

It is true there is a delay in files showing up in directories.  This is because the cloud client only requests a directory refresh when the directory is accessed.  This can cause new files not to show up, or new folders not to present themselves right away (the lag is usually about 5 to 20 seconds).  The issue is related to the fact that the cloud works differently than something like Skydrive.  The Skydrive client pushes all data to all clients all the time.  The cloud client doesn’t do this…it only retains a limited cache on each machine. 

Do all my cloud account users have to be on my domain?

No, the Small Business cloud can mix domain and non-domain users as needed.

Can I manage my users myself?

Yes, cloud administrator access can be granted with the completion of training.  Contact iPremise Support, by phone at 303-242-5040, option 2, or drop us an email at

Can I share a folder with anyone to allow upload and download access?

No for upload but yes for download.  Read-only access can be granted to any users by sharing the file or folder.  A user must have a cloud account to upload files to the cloud drive.

Can I retrieve a file I've deleted?

Yes, login to the URL used to access the iPremise Cloud Drive.  For small business customers this is always  Enterprise customers will have a custom access point that is normally where is your company's domain.

Once there, select the folder needed and choose the Show Deleted Icon on the top right corner.

How can I verify that my file is available on the cloud?

The Windows and Mac programs for the iPremise Cloud drive map drive M: to your cloud storage.  With Windows, there is also integration with Windows Explorer allowing you to see the state of various files in the cloud.  These changes are easy to see by launching Explorer and going to M: drive.  You will see icons similar to those in the following screenshot.

view of the mapped drive


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