Phishing emails
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Phishing emails are attempts to steal your identity and your money.  The main purpose of these emails is to trick you into entering your private information on a web site run by the "bad guys".  A good definition can be found at Wikipedia:  Make no mistake, these are emails engineered for theft.

iPremise systems tries to effectively identify phishing emails to protect our customers.  As with all email filtering, there will be many we get right, and some we get wrong.  From time to time, valid emails will be flagged as phishing and some phishing emails will be missed.

Our filtering process looks at the links contained within the email and checks that they really point to the location used in the text of the email.  For example, the text may read and the URL points to  This will flag the email as a phishing message.

If your company is on our enhanced filtering platform, these emails will be encapsulated as an attachment with the notification below.  The email will go to your Junk folder unless you have specifically whitelisted the sender.  When you whitelist the sender (or the sender's domain), it is possible these notifications will go to your inbox.

Any email that is identified as phishing should be treated with extreme caution, even if you think you know the sender.  Identity theft relies on you to relax your defenses by looking at a familiar email address.  Don't be fooled...check the email and if you are uncertain about its contents, then delete it.  

If you are sure that the email was incorrectly identified, then you can look at the original email which is an attachment to the notification.  Just reply to it like you would any other email.

You can also request for a sender to be excluded from phishing filters.  We look at these requests closely so your request may be denied.  Just forward the notification and your justification for whitelisting the sender to the iPremise Support Center.


Phishing Notification

The message




 Sent:    SENT DATE

originally addressed to the following recipient(s):


has been encapsulated and forwarded to you.


Reason: Spam

The message seems to be spam and was not delivered to the recipient.


Additional info:

Blocked phishing because of URL display mismatch

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