Microsoft Monthly Update Process
Posted by Jennifer Millan, Last modified by Jennifer Millan on 01 October 2014 01:34 PM

Microsoft releases security and other patches for their operating systems and other software on a monthly basis.  This is known as Patch Tuesday. iPremise follows a standard process to approve and implement these changes to the customer environment.

Standard Updates

Updates such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office Suite, or Toolbar updates are reviewed and released to both PC and Servers on a monthly basis after Microsoft's Patch Tuesday. Review and approval will occur every 3rd Thursday of the month.


Note: Most Windows users will experience more of a Patch Friday because they're prompted to install, or notice the installation of, the updates downloaded via Windows Update on Thursday night or Friday morning.  


Critical and/or Security Updates

Any updates that come from Microsoft and are critical or security related are automatically approved and will be applied to PC's daily and servers on Friday night.

If the update does not require a reboot, iPremise group policy will release to PCs immediately.

If a reboot is required the release occurrs at 2am. Users will be prompted to install updates or reboot their workstations.

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