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iPremise Cloud Quick Guide
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The iPremise cloud drive can be accessed by using the web portal or by installing the client on your PC, MAC, IOS, or Android device.

User Name: Your DEFAULT email address. This is normally your first initial, last name at your domain (e.g.

Password: This is your iPremise domain password which is the same one you use to log onto your PC or access email.

  • Tip: When the password is changed or updated for your Microsoft Exchange email account the password will also need to be updated for the iPremise cloud drive. Simply logout and login again.

When uploading a new file or saving changes to an existing file on the iPremise cloud drive. You will see a progress bar open, this is usually located on the lower right corner of the screen.  

        progress bar        

  • Tip: The file change or the file upload will not exist on the cloud until the task has successfully completed.
  • Tip: When viewing a Microsoft office document such as a Excel spreadsheet of a Word document. It is important to properly close the application when you are done working on or viewing the document. To properly close the Office application, save the document if you have made changes and close the program by select file > close or selecting the X icon in the top right hand corner of the Office application. It is also important to close the application before shutting down your computer. If the computer is shutdown or loses power while a document is open. There is the chance of the file to become corrupted and un-usable.

Meaning behind the Icons:

  • Green Circle Overlaygreen checkmarkThis means that there is a local copy of the file or a cached version as well as on the cloud.
  • Green Arrow Overlaycloud cached iconThis means that the file is only located on cloud and is not cached locally. When you lose internet connectivity the file will no longer be available. 
  • Upload Overlayuploading icon: The upload arrow means the file is scheduled for upload to the cloud but the upload is not complete.
  • Tip: It can take up to 20 seconds for a file to be visible. In the case that the file / folder does not appear   you can force it to refresh by right clicking on the specific file / folder and then selecting Force Refresh.

forced refresh view


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